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Macao community ready to be replicated in Hengqin


Updated: 2019-07-25

The Macao New Neighborhood project in Hengqin New Area is soon to be open for bidding, Hengqin Administrative Committee Director Yang Chuan has just announced, and it will give Macao people the livelihood facilities and public services they are used to. 

Covering more than 180,000 sq m (44 acres), the neighborhood is being jointly developed by Zhuhai and the Macao SAR governments. It will be built in accordance with the criteria and standards of Macao communities.


Hengqin New Area Administrative Committee Director Yang Chuan [Photo courtesy]

Education, medical, social insurance, telecommunications, and other support facilities will be extended to Hengqin with investment by Macao enterprises. The neighborhood is meant to address the land shortage in Macao and provide the benefits of the Hengqin Free Trade Zone.

The Hengqin New Area Administrative Committee and Macao government have created a dedicated task force that already has held three working meetings regarding construction plans.

They have agreed on site selection, development principle, land supply, bidder qualification, and property disposition, as well as ways to position Macao healthcare, education, nursing homes for the elderly, community service, and other public welfare facilities in Hengqin.

To date, the land has been cleaned up, and road infrastructure built. The task force will later promote the project and construction plans to Macao residents, industry insiders, and the news media.

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