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Lawyer network smooths Hengqin-Latin America ties


Updated: 2019-07-26

Hengqin Development Ltd Liability Co has joined with the Iurisgal International Network of Law Firms to advance economic, technological, and cultural relationships with Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries around the world.

An agreement was signed at Hengqin Creative Valley on July 23. Hengqin Development was represented by vice president Liu Yang, and Iurisgal by Bruno Nunes of BN Lawyers of Macao and Portugal and Mireia Paulo, director of the European-American Market & Overseas Investment Projects of A&Z Law Firm with headquarters in Shanghai.

"On the basis of 'the Belt & Road' strategy and relying on the industrial and political advantages of Hengqin Free Trade Zone, both parties are committed to deepening the cooperation between China and the Americas (Latin American countries), aimed at building the Hengqin Free Trade Zone into an economic and trade platform for China and Americas," stated Nunes.


Liu Yang and Bruno Nunes at signing ceremony

Iurisgal will enlighten its partners about where Hengqin is, describe its preferential policies, and outline how to enter the Chinese market, said Nunes, the network's managing partner and chief of Asian affairs.

On the other hand, if Chinese enterprises intend to go abroad to countries like Brazil, Peru, and Chile, Iurisgal will provide legal services, business liaison, and other support, he added.

Iurisgal is the only global network of independent law firms that uses Spanish as its official language. It provides global clients with legal services and solutions to protect their rights and interests.

Its members all have more than 50 years of industrial experience and are spread across four continents. In addition to 16 European and American countries and regions such as Portugal, the UK, Germany, and Russia, they also have offices in 14 Latin American countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.

Hengqin Development is a state-owned enterprise and liaison between the authorities in Guangdong and potential investors. 


Attendees [Photos courtesy nanfangplus]

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