Plan is to elevate traffic over Yingbin-Jiuzhou bridge


Updated: 2019-08-02

Traffic congestion from Gongbei to and from the Banzhang Tunnel will be eased when a dual four-lane high-level overpass (British: flyover) is constructed above the bridge where South Yingbin Road meets Jiuzhou Avenue.

The Zhuhai Public Resource Trading Center website posted a notice on July 30 seeking bids on preliminary and construction designs and construction support services. The overpass would eliminate bottlenecks caused by the current traffic lights on the busy bridge intersection.

In addition to the 290-m (317-yd) elevated bridge, the project involves 1,182 m (1,293 yd) of auxiliary roads with eight lanes for two-way traffic. Work is to be carried out by Zhuhai Urban Construction Real Estate Development Co.


Traffic on South Yingbin Road [Photo by Ye Qiuming / Zhuhai Daily]

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