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Buses serving Xiangzhou-Hongwan Fishing Port route


Updated: 2019-08-13

A new bus route opened on Aug 12 between the Xiangzhou Bus Terminal and Hongwan Central Fishing Port to which vessels from Xiangzhou Fishing Port have been relocated.  

Xiangzhou officially bid farewell to its fishing boats on Aug 10 when dozens of the last ones departed for Hongwan. More than 400 have now gone to Hongwan and other ports.


Xiangzhou Fishing Port

The Xiangzhou-Hongwan Central Fishing Port bus fare is 1 yuan (14 cents). Due to parking limits at the Xiangzhou Bus Terminal, buses depart from the platform on Zijing Road from 6:30 am to 10 pm. Passengers also use Buses 4, 13, or K11 at the location. During other hours the buses leave from a stop near the entrance. The special bus line to Hongwan Central Fishing Port Z57 has been eliminated.

The old Xiangzhou port off Lovers Avenue was built in 1953 with investment from Guangdong Province. It was closed due to silt, shallow depth, inadequate wharf line, low level of boat shelters, and limited land for support facilities. It could no longer meet the demands of a modern fishing industry. 

The new port is located just south of the Zhuhai Bridge that connects Xiangzhou and Jinwan districts.


Fishermen pack up to leave [Photos by Zhong Fan / Zhuhai Daily] 



First boats bid port in Old Xiangzhou farewell forever

The first fleet of auxiliary fishing vessels set sail toward Hongwan Central Fishing Port at around 9 am on Aug 6, ready to serve vessels that must relocate from Xiangzhou Fishing Port.

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