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Biomed institute seen augmenting Greater Bay Area


Updated: 2019-08-19

Zhuhai Party Chief Guo Yonghang met with Israeli biochemist Aaron Ciechanover, the 2004 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and president of the Zhuhai Nobel Institute of Biomedicine located in Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (Tangjiawan) on Aug 15. 

On behalf of Zhuhai Municipal Government and CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee, Guo extended a welcome to Ciechanover and his delegation. Ciechanover, who now is 72, was awarded the Nobel Prize for the joint discovery of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation with Hungarian-born Israeli biochemist Avram Hershko and American biologist Irwin Rose.  


Aaron Ciechanover [Photo courtesy Zhuhai Television]

According to Guo, the city of Zhuhai has undergone fundamental changes in its status and positioning as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge operates and the building of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area deepens. The city is implementing an innovation-driven strategy to build the Guangzhou-Zhuhai-Macao Science & Technology Innovation Corridor and accelerate development of strategic emerging industries, such as biomedicine.

The Party chief expressed hope that the Zhuhai Nobel Institute of Biomedicine would seize major opportunities for construction of the Greater Bay Area, speed up project processes, and boost Zhuhai's development. He noted that Zhuhai will continue to improve its business environment and offer quality services for enterprises. 

Ciechanover gave an overview of his institute. He lauded Zhuhai's favorable ecological environment, advantageous location, potential, and strong development momentum.

The Nobel Prize winner expressed wishes to tighten exchanges and cooperation with Zhuhai, as well as transform more scientific achievements into products in the city to achieve mutually beneficial development. 

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