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Impactful logo brands Zhuhai uniqueness to the world


Updated: 2019-08-26

Abstract images of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Fisher Maiden, verdant hills, and azure waters were unveiled August 25 as the face of the city at Zhuhai Opera House on Yeli Island.


Logo of strength, beauty, and flexibility

The soaring blue wakes (of dolphins) supporting the Delta Bridge at left suggest access to the world and leaps into the future while highlighting Zhuhai's unique positioning and historic opportunity in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge spotlighted

On the right, calligraphic ribbons of waves and hills manifest Zhuhai's perseverance in cultivating ecological civilization. It shines light on the concept of "Green Hills and Clear Waters Are Gold & Silver Mountains" and thus reflects commitment in safeguarding a favorable environment.

640 (3).gif

Well-preserved ecological environment

In the outstretched hands of the stylized Fisher Maiden, the "pearl" reflects the warm color of sunrise upon a new round of development for Zhuhai.

640 (1).gif

Fisher Maiden

The logo highlights a gliding historic and epic extension, a mixture of marine culture and eco-civilization, and the all-inclusive and up-and-coming spirituality of the picturesque coastal city, explained a city official.

Also released was an esthetically striking promotional video about what a foreign documentary producer sees and senses after being inspired by the Delta Bridge to visit Zhuhai.

The eight-minute video meanders through Zhuhai to sites along the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Gongbei Checkpoint, and Opera House. It brings to the fore highly characteristic scenery such as mangrove and water pine forests, and folk culture that includes Sanzao Crane Dance, and Boat (On-Water) Wedding.


Promotional video

"Carried on from long ago, I witness the traditions and rituals of these water dwellers. Later, I pause to view the statue of Yung Wing to understand that Zhuhai had been a gateway to the world a century ago," the documentary producer relates.

"Only 40 years before, it resumed that role as one of the earliest special economic zones at the onset of Reform & Opening Up. Today, perusing the only city in the Chinese mainland with both a bridge to Hong Kong and road to Macao, I see that Zhuhai is even closer to the outside world," he continues.

The city image logo and promotional video are major brandings for the outside world. The sparkling release featuring local elements displays an emergent Zhuhai poised to construct a new economy and new life in the new era, the official noted. 


Conversation salon on Greater Bay Area & City Brand Building as Patrick Nijs holds the mike with Barney Broom and Chen Songzhu to his left [Photos by Zhao Zi & Xu Baixi / Zhuhai Media Group]

A Conversation Salon on Greater Bay Area & City Brand Building followed with Patrick Nijs, Belgian ambassador and former general consul in China for 20 years; British screenwriter and director Barney Broom; and Chen Songzhu, global media services facility supervisor of the Associated Press Beijing, as panelists. 


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