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Industrial tourism begins with beer, art, and electricity


Updated: 2019-08-29

A two-day industrial tour holds the keys to how beer is brewed, oil paintings produced, and household waste turned into electricity as Doumen District opens its first industrial tourism route.

Already famed for agriculture and unique traditions, Doumen is promoting the two-day route to expand its tourism resources. Industrial tourism allows visitors to understand a company's production process, advanced technology, and corporate culture. It also increases the recognition and trust of a brand and brings a better consumption experience to users.

Day 1: Zhuhai Xinhuan Environment Co -- Tsingtao Beer (Zhuhai) Co -- Royal Bay Hotel (dinner and accommodation included)

Zhuhai Xinhuan Environment Co 珠海信环环保有限公司

The facility is open to the public for free year around. Visitors can learn about the process of domestic waste incineration for electricity generation as well as garbage sorting at a dedicated popular science exhibition hall.

640.webp (1).jpg

Domestic waste incineration generates electricity

Artificial intelligence experiences and themed activities are on offer to help visitors maximize their pleasure in learning.

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Buses 405, 419, 602A, Z142,

2 North Zhushan Road, Fushan Industrial Park (富山工业园蛛山北路2号)


Tsingtao Brewery (Zhuhai) Co青岛啤酒(珠海)有限公司

The company produces more than 99 percent of product series under the Tsingtao Brewery's flagship brand, ranging from cans to bottles and kegs. Recent brewing techniques include heat wave boiling, thermal energy and carbon dioxide recycling, and cascade refrigeration.

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Tsingtao Beer production line

The Passionate Dream Factory has of three areas at which visitors acquaint themselves with the brand's centennial history and culture, have a close look at brewery production lines, and are treated to multifunctional entertainment.

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Buses 406, 419, 602A

1 Fourth Fushan Road, Qianwu Town (乾务镇富山四路1号)


Royal Bay Hotel 御海湾酒店

The hotel sits at the foot of Jianfeng Mt on the bank of the Huangyang River. It is a preferred place for both leisure getaways and business travel. On offer are 68 guestrooms of different styles, multifunction conference rooms capable of accommodating 120 people, large parking lots, breakfast buffet, and Chinese and western cuisines. 

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Royal Bay Hotel

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8 North Huanhu Road (环湖北路8号)


Day 2: Doumen Public Park -- Free Cloud International Artistic Tourism Visit & Practice Base (lunch included)

Doumen Public Park 斗门市民公园

Covering 57,962 sq m (14 acres), flower-shaped Doumen Public Park is west of the Jianfeng Bridge with Jianfeng Mt Forest Park at its back. Highlighted is a 7,000-sq-m (1.7-acre) lawn for leisure activities. A 900-m (984-yd) circular fitness trail connects the lawn with four surrounding zones dedicated to fitness and children's activities, cultural and artistic exchanges, reading, and wetland experience. 

640.webp (3).jpg

Doumen Public Park

The park, which has permeable pavement and a rainfall garden, practices the Sponge City concept.

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Bus 303

Zhufeng Avenue (珠峰大道)

Free Cloud International Artistic Tourism Visit & Practice Base 闲云国际艺术旅游参观实践基地

The base is operated by Free Cloud Arts, which specializes in the R&D, production and sales of decorative oil paintings and sculptures with independent intellectual property rights. Its works are created by more than 600 professional and technical staffs and 100 domestic and international oil painting R&D and designer teams. They are sold in more than 130 countries and regions and enjoy a good reputation in European and American markets.

640 (3).gif

Oil paintings [Photos courtesy WeChat account: gh_4d39d52ed70e]

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Buses 406, 407, 602

Free Cloud Industrial Park, 2980 South Zhufeng Ave, near Lishan Village entrance (珠峰大道南2980号闲云工业园)



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