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Historic Fenghuang Mt trail will be restored next year


Updated: 2019-09-09

Construction is expected to commence next year to protect and restore Fenghuang (Phoenix) Mt Old Path, Zhuhai Natural Resources Bureau director Tian Jianhua announced last week.

Tian said the path is currently being surveyed for planning and exploitation as a key part of the Xiangshan Historic Trails Revitalization Program.


Fenghuang Mt Old Path

From Shangzha Village of Jinding Town in the north, the original Fenghuang Mt Old Path extended 40 km south to Macao. In the late Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the route was an major artery for business between the Chinese mainland and former Portuguese colony. It is reportedly the oldest path on the mountain. Nonetheless, there's only 4 km left, known as Fenghuang Mt Old Path East Route, running from Yangliao Reservoir (杨寮水库) in the northeast to Dajingshan Reservoir (大镜山水库) in the south.


A bird's-eye view of Fenghuang Mt Old Path [Photos courtesy WeChat account: zhuhaifabu]

In October 2018, the restored Changnanjing Old Path, a historical trail on Fenghuang Mt, reopened to the public and gained immediate popularity with hill hikers. Along with Qiguan-Macao, Fenghuang Mt, and Jinxingmen Waterway old paths totaling 64.5 km in length, it formed the "Xiangshan Historical Trail" network in the eastern downtown areas. The four trails spanned Zhongshan, Zhuhai, and Macao, which together constituted the Greater Hsiang-shan (Xiangshan) Area in history.



Hiking on Hill Trails

Restored Changnanjing Old Path, a testament to Zhuhai and Macao's history of transportation and window to Xiangshan historic culture, reopened to the public on Oct 1, 2018.

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