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Jinwan schedules delightful holiday carnival activities


Updated: 2019-09-10

A rich cultural tourism experience is being offered by Jinwan District during a carnival that includes games, folk art, aviation, nutrition, and kayaking during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday week.

To begin with, the 2019 Jinwan Intangible Cultural Heritage Skill Demonstration Competition will be held at By-Health Transparent Factory on Xinghan Road (星汉路) of Sanzao Town on Friday, Sept 13. There, 247 participants will pit their artistry in Sanzao Weaving, Sanzao Lion Dance, and Dingjiawan Tea Refreshments against all comers.

Also at By-Health, reservations can be made up to Sept 21 for a free visit to the Nutrition Exploratorium, which is under trial operation. The facility is the world's first mixed-use museum for nutrition-related education, recreation, and health testing relying on cutting-edge technology.

Meanwhile during the moon celebration, such cultural treats as Sanzao Crane Dance, Jinwan Cantonese Operatic Songs, and Sanzao Folk Songs will be staged.


Sanzao Crane Dance [File photo]

On the fun side, iron-hoop rolling, rope skipping, top spinning, and kangaroo jumps will take place throughout the holiday. Folk art hands-on experiences such as DIY mooncakes, Sanzao Sugar Painting, and Sanzao Paper-Cutting also invite participation. Traditional culinary delicacies can be bought at fairs.

Aviclub will open to study tours on Sept 14. Purposed are helicopter try outs, drogue chute challenges, lectures related to aviation, and visits to aircraft assembly lines.

Nearby, waterside Sanban Village beckons both nature and sport lovers with idyllic scenery, a close encounter to egrets, and kayaking.

Follow the WeChat account jwly20190612 for more event information.

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