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Spirit of 1949 reigns along four travel routes in Jinwan


Updated: 2019-09-27

Jinwan District is in the Oct 1-7 National Day holiday spirit with festival decorations everywhere and plenty of activities in store.

More than 3,000 national flags are unfurled throughout the district in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. They wave in major commercial areas and on lampposts along East Airport, Yiyun, and other key thoroughfares.

Furthermore, 3,200 sq m (3,827 sq yd) of globe amaranths and French marigolds have been planted around the East Airport-Decheng intersection, and on the sides of Jinhu, Jinshan, and Jinhe avenues. 

Patriotic sayings such as "I love you, China" are projected on the 70-m (230-ft) high Jinhu Mengxiang Xintiandi (Dream New World) Building in Aviation New Town through Oct 7.


National flags along East Airport Road [Photo by Zhang Zhou / Zhuhai Daily]

Four travel routes are recommended for visitors.

Route 1

Jinwan Damenkou Wetland Park (大门口湿地公园) -- Aviclub (with drogue chute challenges, robot rivalries, hand-thrown airplane competitions, and pilot balance exercises) (爱飞客航空科普研学基地) -- nutrition exploration at By-Health Transparent Factory (汤臣倍健透明工厂)

Route 2

Lin Wei-min & Early Workers Movement Historical Relics Showroom (林伟民与中国早期工人运动史迹陈列馆) -- Jinwan Damenkou Wetland Park (大门口湿地公园)

Route 3

Sanban Agricultural Eco-Park (三板农业生态园) -- Sanban Watertown (三板水乡) -- Sanban Kayaking (三板皮划艇) -- Sanban Agritainment (agriculture plus entertainment) (三板农家乐)

Route 4

Jinshan Park (金山公园) -- Jinwan's Lovers Avenue (金湾情侣路) -- Jinwan Central River Wetland Park (金湾中心河湿地公园)



Much of interest found along great Zhuhai tour routes

Four routes in Zhuhai are listed among 100 for premium travel, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture & Tourism announced recently.

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