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Doumen wetland park encourages visitors to be active


Updated: 2019-10-08

The first large wetland park in Doumen District opened to visitors on Sept 29 with all-around facilities for ecological sightseeing, popular science, and fitness and leisure activities.

Covering 400,000 sq m (99 acres), Huangyang River Wetland Park is situated at the west approach to Jianfeng Bridge to the south extension line of Xidi Road. It consists of three functional zones: Wenhua (Culture) Dou, Ziran (Nature) Dou, and Shengtai (Ecology) Dou. The arrangement was inspired by the Chinese character "斗" (Dou, referring to a dredging box used to spread powder) in Doumen (斗门). Therefore, the facility is also known as Sandou Park.


Cycling around the park [Photo by Zeng Yao / Zhuhai Daily]

Wenhua Dou highlights an arched steel-structured lounge, Lotus Root Thread Pavilion, and Intertidal Platform on which visitors can observe crabs, mangrove forests, and other aquatic flora and fauna. Photos can be taken at the picturesque Landscaping Square and Waterborne Platform.

Meanwhile, idyllic Ziran Dou features canna lilies bordering meandering jogging trails, while Shengtai Dou boasts a primitive ecology with swamp cypress and reed marshes on both sides of the Shengshichong Riverway.

Other attractions include a Coastal Viewing Platform, Riverside Pergola, and seasonal blooms.



Sandou Park protectively designed for leisure, nature

Zhuhai residents and visitors will soon savor nature along trails and at pavilions, plazas, and viewing platforms in the environmental-protection Huangyang River Wetland Park that will soon open to the public.

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1.png Caution taken as public venues limit visitor numbers

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