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Huge ship hull loaded with confidence at Gaolan Port


Updated: 2019-10-12

After eight hours of efficient operation and seven hours of binding work, an 87.9-m (96-yd) aluminum alloy ship hull was loaded onto the cargo vessel AAL Dampier at Gaolan Port in Zhuhai to be shipped to Australia.

Built by Guangdong Jiangmen Shipyard Co, the hull weighs 226 tons and marks the largest single ship processed at Gaolan Port.

To ensure successful shipping, thorough preparations were made, and efficient communications were carried out between Zhuhai International Container Terminals (Gaolan), Zhuhai Port & Shipping Management, and the ocean shipping agency.   


Loading the hulk [Photo by Liang Hengyuan and Zhang Cheng / Zhuhai Daily] 

In recent years, a number of reform measures have been instituted by Zhuhai Port Holdings in terms of expanding businesses, upgrading facilities, simplifying procedures for documents, as well as optimizing port and shipping processes to improve operations and expand functions. The aim is to safeguard equipment manufacturing, marine engineering, and shipbuilding industries in South China and tap into international markets.

Since this year, Zhuhai International Container Terminals (Gaolan) has completed 13 voyages exporting goods to Belt & Road countries. The main cargo covers marine and oil pipelines, oil platforms, yachts, and steel pipes weighing over 110,000 tons. 



Gaolan Port handles bigger ships, prepares for more

The construction pace has been stepped up at Gaolan Port as two larger-cargo berths are already in operation, two are in trial stages, and three more should open this year.


Gaolan Port digs deep channel for cruise ships, tankers

Vessels of more than 150,000 tons will soon be able to dock at Gaolan Port instead of unloading cargo to barges now that a main channel has been dug at a cost over 1 billion yuan ($149 million).

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