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Jinwan District Library


Updated: 2019-10-15

Opened to the public on Sept 4, 2019, the Jinwan District Library has a vast holding of 700,000 books, Aviation-Themed Reading Zone, and "Smart" reading environment.

The city's largest public library is on East Jinhe Avenue west of Yinghe Road and north of Zhuhai Golden Gulf Golf Club. The 230 million-yuan ($32-million) building has floorage of more than 28,000 sq m (7 acres). Four floors are above ground and one below. It and the companion Jinwan District Comprehensive Archive Building form part of the Public Cultural Center of Aviation New Town.

At the entrance is a 7.5-m (24.6-ft) tall and 5-m (16.4-ft) wide LED screen. It allows users to check a ranking of the most-frequently borrowed books, statistics of loans and returns, and recommendations based on big data.


Jinwan District Library [Photo by Zhang Zhou / Zhuhai Daily]

Inside, all 69 "smart" bookshelves have touch screens and reader's card/book induction panels to show the location of books and borrow-and-return formalities.

Those looking for audio resources will find them in the Audio-Visual Reading Zone on the second floor. Some of the reading rooms have energy-saving acoustic control lights.

The Aviation-Themed Reading Zone on the third floor reflects the characterized industry of Jinwan, home to Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport. It houses professional books and host lectures on aerospace knowledge, airplane model-making, and virtual reality activities.

Book readers can use checkout machines along the corridors of the second and third floors by downloading an app or scanning corresponding QR codes. Currently, there are 3,000 books on hand and the list will be updated monthly. The previous 200-ranked books were replaced by new ones.

Also in-house are children and teenage reading areas, a 24-hour self-service library, and lecture hall. The lobby, which covers more than 1,700 sq m (.4 acres), is used for photo and artifact exhibitions.  


East Jinhe Avenue, Aviation New Town, Jinwan District (金湾航空城金河大道东路)



Work hours:

9 am to 6 pm, Tuesday to Sunday


Buses 801, Z126 or Z127 to get off at East Jinhe Avenue bus stop (金湾金河大道东站)

Or drive to Jinwan District Library (金湾区图书馆) with GPS navigation 

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