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Doumen Huangyang River Wetland Park


Updated: 2019-10-15

Doumen Huangyang River Wetland Park (斗门黄杨河湿地公园), which opened to visitors on Sept 29, 2019, is the first large wetland park in Doumen District with all-around facilities for ecological sightseeing, popular science, and fitness-leisure activities.

Covering 400,000 sq m (99 acres), the wetland park is situated from the west approach to Jianfeng Bridge (尖峰大桥) to the south extension line of Xidi Road. The park takes inspiration from the Chinese character "斗" (Dou, referring to a dredging box used to spread powder) in the name Doumen (斗门) and is composed of three scenery "Dou" zones: 文化斗 Wenhua (Culture) Dou, 自然斗 Ziran (Nature) Dou, and 生态斗 Shengtai (Ecology) Dou. From them it earned the nickname Sandou or three dou's.


Huangyang River Wetland Park [Photos courtesy WeChat account: meilidoumen] 

Wenhua Dou lies closest to the Jianfeng Bridge and incorporates Doumen District culture into its design. An arched steel-structured lounge crosses the water with design elements from "斗." There, Ousi (Lotus Root Thread) Pavilion displays local customs and coastal wetland features. Due to proximity to the intertidal area, the zone offers platforms upon which visitors can get close to nature and observe crabs and aquatic plants. Photos can be taken at the picturesque Landscaping Square and Waterborne Platform.

Meanwhile, Ziran Dou has idyllic atmosphere with canna lilies and meandering trails for walks or jogging, whereas Shengtai Dou presents the natural ecology with planted swamp cypress and reed marshes on both sides of the Shengshichong (圣狮涌) Riverway. 


Cycling around the park [Photo by Zeng Yao / Zhuhai Daily]

Other attractions include a Coastal Viewing Platform, Riverside Pergola, and seasonal blooms.

Bolstering Zhuhai's designation as a Sponge City, the park's 40 hectares (99 acres) stretch south along the river from the Jianfeng Bridge to loop around to Shengshichong Sluice Gate a distance of 3.7 km (2.3 miles). A 2 m-wide passageway links the sluice gate from Huafa Aquatic Villa Provincial Wetland Park.


East of Xidi Road, Doumen District (斗门区西堤路东侧)


Buses 602a, 602, K4, K5, 18, 204 to East Jianfeng Bridge bus stop (尖峰桥东)

Or drive to the East Jianfeng Bridge Square (尖峰大桥东广场) with GPS navigation


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