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Tangjiawan park to be upgraded for public enjoyment


Updated: 2019-10-31

Gongleyuan Park in Tangjiawan Town is to be renovated into a characterized mountain park with hiking, sightseeing, and children's recreational facilities.

The Zhuhai Public Resource Trading Center will open bidding for the first phase of work on Nov 20.

The renovation involves 92,000 sq m (23 acres) in the west of Gongleyuan Park. The ecology of Efeng Mt will be restored, with two pavilions, one viewing platform, and 1,400 m (1,531 yd) of hiking trails added. The style of the hiking trials will draw reference from the Old Post Roads at Baojing Bay in the Gaolan Port Economic Zone.

Walls will enclose a rest and waiting area at the hiking entrance, while stone handrails and lamps and Chinese-styled plant arrangements will add interest.

Of note is a community park to be constructed at the foot of Efeng Mt. It will consist of: Fun of Forests, Fun of Dunes, and Fun of Creeks. 


Rendering of renovated Gongleyuan Park [Photo courtesy Zhuhai Daily]

Fun of Forests is sited near the litchi forests and will be equipped with large recreational facilities for children. Walls will be erected on boardwalks for painting, traversing, and board flipping while kiddie rides and seesaws will be placed in-between to form space for hide and seek.

Fun of Dunes will transform dunes and acacia rachii trees into a tree house paradise. The mountaintop open space will set up low-position developmental facilities for children to exercise their body balance and limb coordination abilities.

Where the flowing water forms a creek at the foot of the mountain will be the Fun of Creeks area, which will be landscaped for visitors to put their feet up and rest.

In addition, a botanical garden will be built in the mountain to popularize science among students. A square will be built at the entrance to the project, with surrounding landscape walls shielding electric towers and parking lots.

Gongleyuan was a private park built by Tong Shao-Yi (Tong Shao Yi, Tang Shaoyi)(1862-1938), a politician and the first prime minister of the Republic of China after the end of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911).

The first phase of renovation will not involve the area of historic cultural relics and precious plant species, as research and design are still underway, according to the contractor. 

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