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Songcheng chooses Doumen for stellar tourism draw


Updated: 2019-11-06

The high-profile performance entertainment project, Songcheng Performance Valley, is to be sited at the foot of Huangyang Mt in east Doumen Town, Doumen District, according to a recent notice posted by the Zhuhai Natural Resources Bureau.

Costing 15 billion yuan ($2 billion), the 126-hectare (311-acre) valley will face Huangyang Avenue (365 Provincial Road) to the south and front Lyuyou (Travel) Avenue to its west. The famous Jintai Temple is on the mountain near the Wangbao Reservoir behind the site.

Songcheng Performance Valley will have 24 theaters, a performance venue cluster with 55,000 seats, four themed cultural blocks, two parent-child experience zones, hotel cluster with 4,000 themed guestrooms, and large performing art talent training base. Belt & Road performance festivals and large international art activities will be hosted there.


Hangzhou Songcheng Park [Photo courtesy]

A key project to encourage the city's development of tourism, the first phase will come into operation by July 1, 2021, according to an agreement signed between Songcheng Group and the Zhuhai Municipal and Doumen District people's governments.

One of the Top 30 Cultural Enterprises in China for 10 consecutive years, Songcheng Group engages primarily in cultural performances, variety shows, scenic spots, and themed hotels. It ranks at the top of the global performance entertainment market in terms of number of theaters and seats, as well as annual performances, spectators, and profits.

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