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Tunnel to be constructed at East Renmin-Xingye roads


Updated: 2019-11-07

East Renmin Road will run under Xingye Road after a new tunnel has been built during the next two years, matching those of the Ningxi-Zijing crossing to the east and North Yingbin crossing to the west along Renmin Road.

The four middle lanes of East Renmin Road will run under Xingye Road, which will be widened from four to six lanes. Vehicular flow on both will be smoother.

During the next eight months, underground utilities are being relocated and temporary passages created. The main traffic lanes of East Renmin Road will be enclosed for tunnel construction by next June as the major thoroughfare is widened.


Design sketch [Photo by Zhong Fan / Zhuhai Daily]

At present, motorists can still drive in the traffic lanes while pedestrians and non-motor vehicles can use the paved space between guardrails and retail outlets.  

In addition to the tunnel, two pairs of exit-entry ramps will be built near Dantian Square and west of the Zhuhai Women's & Children's Hospital on Xingye Road, and, farther south, south of Zhuhai Number 5 Middle School on First Xiangning Street. Both Tangjiawan and Jida will be reached in five minutes by accessing Xingye Express Road via the ramps.

As for construction of the 4.77-km (3-mile) south section of Xingye Express Road, the north-south road starts from the Jiuzhou Avenue-First Jianye Road intersection in Jida, bridges Bailian Road, and cuts through Banzhang Mt. It will then stretch beneath First Xiangning Street, and Huwan and Xingye roads before converging with the north section south of East Meihua Road. Travel time from Tangjiawan to Jida will be cut to 10 minutes when it opens to traffic in 2022.



Shijing Mt Tunnel (now named): key Greater Bay link

Three passageways that will all be broken through by sometime in September will comprise what is now named the Shijing Mt Tunnel to avoid confusion with the Banzhang Mt Tunnel between Gongbei and Ningxi.

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