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Folk arts, food, fun all found in Doumen this weekend


Updated: 2019-11-08

The 3rd Baijiao Sea Bass Tourism & Cultural Festival will take participants back to ancient China on a journey replete with folk performances, fun games, and culinary delicacies in Xiashan Village of Doumen Town this Saturday and Sunday (Nov 9 and 10).

Visitors should first pick up a map at the Xiashan Rest Station and then collect stamps for each blank area. Those who get all the stamps along the route will be allowed to spin the Wheel of Fortune to win a prize at the Shengpingguan Rest Station.

The first stop, Guyunguan (ancient charm, 古韵关), will feature characterized stores from Chinese ancient times and offer traditional Han clothing rentals. Visitors sporting that attire can receive two stamps and the chance to win a gift package.

In Heleguan (harmony and happiness, 和乐关), foodies can sample sea bass that has been fried, roasted, stewed, or steamed. Other delicacies include Hakka Salt Tea, Doumen Wormwood Rice Cake, Hengshan Preserved Duck Bundles (Ya Zha Bao), Leaf-Packed Steamed Cakes, Glutinous Rice Balls, and Sesame Paste.


Doumen delicacies [Photo courtesy WeChat account: gh_4d39d52ed70e]

In addition to close encounters with animals, visitors can also participate in small games like rope skipping on shiatsu plates and pitch-pot.

Shengpingguan (peaceful life, 升平关), for its part, will stage a Doumen On-Water Wedding song & dance drama, Lion Dance, Shatian Folk Song, Shrimp Dance, Mascot Flash Mob, Shadow Play, Vaudeville, and other performances.

The allure of paper-cutting, sugar-painting, weaving straw, and making clay figurines and Chinese knots can be admired at the handicraftsmen exhibition zone.

Meanwhile, Yajiguan (elegant gathering, 雅集关) will offer authentic delicacies and cultural-creative products, as well as spots where photos can be taken, 24 solar term-themed postcards can be claimed and sent, and wishes to be left on trees and walls.

The event is handled by Baijiao Town Cultural Station under the umbrella of the Baijiao Town People's Government. Further support is provided by the Baijiao Town Tourism and Production offices.


10 am to 5 pm: culinary delicacy fair, interaction & experience zones, game zones

2 to 5 pm: folk art performances


Self-driving/cycling route: downtown – Zhuhai Avenue – S47 Jiangmen-Zhuhai Expressway (Doumen exit, Liuxiang (六乡) direction) – Xiashan Village parking lot 虾山村停车场

Buses 609, K9 from downtown to Baishi (白石), or K4, K6 to Crocodile Island (鳄鱼岛) – transfer to 603 and get off at North Dongwei (东围北) – transfer to 403 and get off at Xiashan Road Intersection (虾山路口)

Join in

1.png Caution taken as public venues limit visitor numbers

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