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Hengqin Flower Corridor


Updated: 2019-11-14

Occupying 850,000 sq m (210 acres), the 14-km (8.7-mile) Hengqin Flower Corridor on North Qinhai Road stretches from the Hengqin Bridge to Mangzhou Wetland Park along the Modaomen Waterway. Floss silk (ceiba speciosa), kapok (delonix regia), and flame trees, which, taken together, bloom all year round, are planted on both sides of the road.

The corridor has four rest stations titled European, Ecological, Lingnan (Cantonese), and Coastal, which are equipped with toilets, lounges, and tourist service centers. Shared bikes and electric bicycles will later be added along the route.

During the florescence lasting from October to December, more than 7,500 floss silk trees attract sight-seers with perky pink blossoms along the 6.4-km (4-mile) greenway section between the Hengqin and Second Hengqin bridges.


Floral greenway


North Qinhai Road, Hengqin New Area 横琴新区琴海北路


Drive to North Qinhai Road using GPS Navigation

Buses 14, 86, 88, K10, or K11 to South of Hengqin Bridge (横琴大桥南站), and walk 1 km (1,094 yd) to North Qinhai Road

Tourists in Hengqin can take the sightseeing buses to Flower Corridor (花海长廊) at Hongqi Bus Terminal (红旗村巴士总站), Sumcheetah (星奇塔无动力世界), and Hengqin Tourist Service Center.


Floss silk trees in full bloom [Photos courtesy WeChat account: zhtqb12345]


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