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Big Hengqin Mt has one, shortly two, breakthroughs


Updated: 2019-11-27

The right half of the Number 2 tunnel under Big Hengqin Mt was broken through on Nov 25 while the excavation of the adjacent tunnel is well underway.

Phase I of the Big Hengqin Mt Tunnel project is expected to be completely broken through by year's end and be opened to traffic on Nov 30, 2020.


Breakthrough [Photo by Zheng Zhenhua / Zhuhai Daily]

Spanning 4.9 km (3 miles), the tunnel starts from Central Avenue between Caihong and Xiangjiang roads in Hengqin New Area and ends at Changlan Bay. Tunneling of the two tunnels involves 4,625 and 4,526 linear meters respectively.

Since construction commenced in June 2018, China Railway 16th Bureau Group has overcome many technical difficulties while adhering to a "green" construction concept.

The tunnel is part of the southern extension of Central Avenue, a north-south artery that forms part of Hengqin's skeleton road network, and a key passage connecting Hengqin Island to the southern reclamation area. It is also a major project in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland.



Pledge made on date to open Big Hengqin Mt Tunnel

Big Hengqin Mt Tunnel from south of the Xiangjiang Road intersection to a proposed North Qinming Road will be broken through by year's end and open to traffic on Nov 30, 2020, swears the contractor.

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