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Added Yingbin Road tunnels to open before summer


Updated: 2019-12-03

The new Yingbin Road dual-lane tunnels and slow-traffic passageway through Banzhang Mt will open to traffic within six months, now that auxiliary projects, mechanical and electrical installation, and link line construction are well underway.

The link lines outside the northern tunnel entrance connect to Ningxi and East Cuiwei roads, while the southern link line runs to Jiuzhou Avenue. The total length is about 1.03 km (1,126 yd).

Via the link lines, the southbound tunnel from New Xiangzhou (Ningxi) to Gongbei will access East Cuiwei Road and Jiuzhou Avenue, and the northbound tunnel from Gongbei to New Xiangzhou will lead to Jiuzhou Avenue and Ningxi Road.


Inner of the slow-traffic passage [Photo by Zhong Fan / Zhuhai Daily]

The major structure of the power distribution room will be completed before year's end, and that of water supply facilities is expected soon after.

Notably, the design of the slow-traffic tunnel is human-oriented. Two ventilator rooms outside the tunnel will minimize noise. The ducts will feature a 60 cm*60 cm (2 ft*2 ft) vent every 15 m (16 yd) to keep the air flowing. Casting of the wind duct panels will be completed before the year is out.

Esthetically, the slow-traffic passage is decorated with inkjet paintings showing blue sky, white clouds, and marine elements.

Upon completion, the three additional Banzhang Mt tunnels will break gridlocks on north-south Yingbin Road and further alleviate traffic pressure on downtown Zhuhai.

The pair of roadway tunnels will allow a maximum speed of 60 kmph (37 mph) and the slow-traffic passageway is reserved for cyclists and pedestrians going in both directions.



First breakthrough comes at new Banzhang tunnels

The upper header of one of the new dual-lane tunnels between Ningxi and Gongbei was drilled through Banzhang Mt on July 25, while the bench below the floor of the top heading will see ends meet by mid-August.


Breakthrough made of Banzhang Mt slow-go passage

Both sides were connected on Aug 5 in the new Banzhang Mt Tunnel designated for cyclists and pedestrians commuting between Ningxi in New Xiangzhou and Gongbei.


All three additional Banzhang tunnels break through

The Banzhang Mt Tunnel additions project entered the next stage of construction on Aug 18 with the breakthrough of the third new passageway between North and South Yingbin Road.

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