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Lovers Ave to connect Zhuhai Bridge with Zhongshan


Updated: 2019-12-03

Romantic coastline Lovers Avenue will be extended to twice its current length to 55 km (34 miles) looping southwest to the Zhuhai Bridge and north to Zhongshan's proposed Binhai Road, according to the Zhuhai Natural Resources Bureau.

The longer Lovers Avenue will consist of three main sections: the south along waterways from the Zhuhai Bridge on Zhuhai Avenue in Nanping to Gongbei's Macao Viewing Point, central from Gongbei to Sea & Sky (Haitian) Rest Station, and north to the Zhongshan-Zhuhai Border, states the Lovers Avenue Slow-Traffic Facilities Improvement & Road Network Upgrade Plan.


Sea & Sky Rest Station [Photo courtesy WeChat account: zhizhuxia0756] 

The longer Lovers Avenue is already being entirely coordinated for planning and design. Each of eight planned parts will have different functions such as tourism and regional distribution, slow travel, and leisure.

Sixteen overpasses, three more tourism centers at Haibin Beach, City Balcony, and Jiuzhou Port, as well as four new tourism bus lines and two short-distance electric sightseeing routes will also offer more convenience and better experience for visitors.

Spanning 27.5 km (17 miles), Lovers Avenue currently runs along the east coastline from the west end of the Qi'ao Bridge in Tangjiawan in the north to Gongbei Checkpoint in the south.

Public opinion is being solicited prior to government approval of the plan.

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