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Measures taken to help businesses get back to work


Updated: 2020-02-19

The Zhuhai Municipal People's Government issued another 10 supportive measures on Feb 17 to help local enterprises recover from the corona virus disease (COVID-19) outbreak over the next three months.

Major prevention and control supplies will be purchased by the government for storage after the epidemic so that enterprises can increase production without concerns. Transport of such supplies will be prioritized, as will that of daily provisions and medical wastes.

A one-off award of 200,000 yuan ($28,560) will be granted to hypermarkets with an operating area of at least 3,000 sq m (3,588 sq yd) and chain supermarkets/convenience stores with no fewer than 10 franchises that remain open and in operation during the outbreak. 

Wholesale agricultural product markets with a daily turnover of no less than 200 tons that reduce fees for tenants will receive a one-time award of 400,000 yuan ($57,120). 


Changfeng Aquatic Seedling Technology in Doumen District resumes operation [Photo by Zeng Yao & Wu Changfu / Guanhai App]

Enterprises that lay off employees at a minimal level will be returned half of the actual unemployment insurance fees they paid last year. Eligible enterprises with temporary difficulties will be returned unemployment insurance fees based on their per capita unemployment insurance payment over six months and the number of insured employees.

Epidemic-affected enterprises that cannot pay for housing provident funds on time may do so within three months after the outbreak ends. Those with financial difficulties can apply to lower the deposit ratio to 3 percent or postpone payment for up to a year. Low-income tenants of municipal and district public rental housing will be exempted from rent for two months.

The electricity charge of enterprises unable to resume work during the epidemic will be reduced, while time limits for payment of electricity charges before reduction (suspension) of service will be relaxed. Those that up production to meet epidemic needs will not be limited by contractual maximum electricity usage.  

Financial institutions should grant repayment extensions and refinancing, or increase unsecured, medium- or long-term loans of largely impacted enterprises instead of suspending, terminating, or lessening loans. A stock pledge agreement that expires during the outbreak can be extended by three to six months by consultation, while start-up loans for entrepreneurs or small and micro businesses can be extended one year with interest subsidies unaffected.

Industrial enterprises that complete technical transformation this year will be subsidized 20 percent of their equipment investment, with the amount not to exceed 10 million yuan ($1.4 million) for a single project.

A maximum award of 30 million yuan ($4.28 million) will be offered to each company that produces urgently needed equipment such as mask machines, protective suit liner strips machines, and negative-pressure ambulances or their key spare parts.

Constructors of government-invested projects can add epidemic prevention and control expenditures into settlement. Those that cannot fulfill a contract on time due to the epidemic will be allowed to postpone the deadline reasonably.

Subsidies previously offered to medium and small-sized enterprises for delaying the date of work resumption or recruiting employees during the outbreak are now available for citywide companies.



City acts to reduce financial burdens related to virus

The Zhuhai government rolled out a series of measures on Feb 5 to help medium and small-sized enterprises get through the on-going novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak by lowering the impact on their businesses.

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