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GD: All overseas arrivals now require quarantine for 14 days


Updated: 2020-03-21

Guangdong Province has tightened measures regarding overseas arrivals to prevent further imported cases of COVID-19. 


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As of midnight Saturday (March 21), all passengers, both Chinese and foreign, arriving from overseas in Guangdong, are now required to comply with 14-day quarantine measures. The policy excludes residents of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan who have not traveled overseas within the last 14 days but includes arrivals from other provinces in China who have travel histories abroad over the last 14 days. 

Those required to comply with home-based or centralized quarantine and medical observation measures will need to foot the bill for their own lodging and catering expenses. 

Daily GD COVID-19 update: 

On March 20, Guangdong recorded seven imported cases, with four in Shenzhen among passengers arriving from the UK and the Philippines; two in Guangzhou in one passenger from the UK and one from the Philippines; and one in Zhuhai from the UK, bringing the total number of imported cases in Guangdong to 49, as of midnight, March 20. 

Three patients have been newly discharged from hospitals across the province, while 915 close contacts of confirmed patients are currently undergoing medical observation.

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