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Pingsha football training base site granted green light


Updated: 2020-04-17

Land use has been approved for construction of the national-level Sokka National (Southern) Football Training Base in Jinwan District, according to a public notice released by the Zhuhai Natural Resources Bureau on April 15.

Located south of Zhufeng Avenue near the Nanxin Community in northern Pingsha Town, the base will have an area for football training and events within its 154,785 sq m (38 acres) that will also include services, R&D, cultural exchange, commerce, trade, and cultural-creative events.

Centers will be built for youth football training, football-related support service, integrated healthcare-oriented sport and tourism, and VIP professional training and yachting watersports.


Suoka football training camp [Photo courtesy WeChat account: suokafc]

Not only will the base give added identity to Pingsha as a Football-Themed Characteristic Small Town, but it will also help the town emerge as a comprehensive industrial base that integrates yachting, tourism, healthcare, investment, education, labor, national defense, and public safety experience, as well as research and studies.

The project will be operated by Zhuhai Suoka Sport Culture Development under an agreement signed with the Pingsha government in June 2018. Suoka's parent company, Guangdong Sokka Group, has much experience in developing sport, tourism, big health, and cultural-creative, yachting, and artificial-intelligence facilities.

Founded in 2014, the sport club under its name is the first of its kind in Zhuhai to engage in professional 11-player football and table tennis. In recent years, the club has been constructing a local teenage training camp system and assembling football teams of various ages in collaboration with Zhuhai Sports School.

Notably, Suoka has allied with Italian Juventus Football Club to set up a teenage training institution to promote campus football.



Football training base to give Pingsha soccer identity

Zhuhai Suoka Sport Culture Development will invest over 3 billion yuan ($469 million) to convert an abandoned quarry in Pingsha Town of Jinwan District, Zhuhai into a huge football training base.

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