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Guishan Island


Updated: 2020-05-13


Guishan Island Port and Niutou Island bridged in the distance

One of Zhuhai's 10 major islands, Guishan is named after the PLA Guishan Warship whose crew fought heroically in the early 1950s to liberate the island in the Wanshan Sea Battle. 

Located on the east side of the Pearl River Estuary 31.5 km (20 miles) from Xiangzhou District, the island is home to the Disembarkation Site of the Guishan Warship Heroes, Guishan Martyrs Memorial Park, Wen Tianxiang (a national hero of the Southern Song dynasty) Memorial Park, Guishan Lighthouse, Xiaodongshan Ecological Park, Seaview Pavilion, hiking trails, net cages, and fish rafts. There also are star hotels, B&Bs, and seafood restaurants.

Guishan Island is rich in fish, shellfish, and algae and more than 100 marine species. Notable delicacies are Guishan sand clams; red, black, or yellow-finned sea bream; rock bream (Oplegnathus fasciatus); grouper; rudderfish; sea bass; and more.


Guishan Martyrs Memorial Park [Photos courtesy]

Transport: Buses 11 or 56 to Xiangzhou Port; ferries depart at 8:40 and 9:10 am, 12:20, 1, 2:20, and 6:30 pm. A single trip takes about 50 minutes and has views of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

Ticket hotline: 86-756-2119915

Follow WeChat account xzg2119915 for latest ferry schedules and tickets.


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