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Swimming pools open under strict vigilance demands


Updated: 2020-07-08

Being deemed a low-risk area for COVID-19 contagion, Zhuhai is opening public swimming pools under strict anti-epidemic measures, according to the city's Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

Reservations must be made in advance by phone, WeChat, Apps, or mini programs. Body temperature checks, however, are not required for swimmers or staff. Exercise time should not exceed two hours, during which masks can be taken off. Minimal stays at shower cubicles and locker rooms are also advised.

In addition, off-peak exercises, social distancing, and non-contact payments are encouraged. Anti-epidemic information for visitors is promoted on posters, electronic screens, and bulletin boards.


Swimming pools at Zhuhai Sports Center [Photo by Ye Qiuming & Zheng Jing / Zhuhai Media Group]

Pool operators must have a contingency plan, ample stock of anti-epidemic supplies including facial masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfectants, and control visitor numbers.

The venues must maintain good air flow, while sanitary management of swimming pools, shower cubicles, and locker rooms is to be strengthened. Public facilities, stores that sell or rent swimming gear, and surfaces frequently exposed including lockers, keys, benches, toilets, armrests, and knobs will be disinfected. 

Meanwhile, working staff should pay attention to their personal hygiene, be subject to daily health monitoring, wear disposable medical or surgical masks during work, and change them quickly if they get wet or dirty.

If there are suspected or confirmed cases, the swimming venues and air-conditioning systems will be disinfected under the instruction of local CDC authorities, and must not be returned to service until they pass hygienic evaluation.



Zhuhai swimming pool opens to ticket-buyers June 6

The outdoor swimming pool and children's water play area of the Zhuhai Sports Center will reopen Saturday, June 6 as temperatures rise and the COVID-19 pandemic wanes.

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