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Sign up now for free on-water ceremony in Doumen


Updated: 2020-08-12

The 9th Collective On-Water Wedding Ceremony will take place Sept 18 and 19 in Nan'ao Village, Baijiao Town, Doumen District for free regardless of a couple's nationality, region, or age.


On-Water Wedding [File photo]

Zhuhai's first national-level intangible cultural heritage, the centuries-old protocols include the bride being picked up by boat, a banquet with local specialties, and worship of the Dragon King. The melody Xianshui (Saltwater) Song will add to the atmosphere.

Event organizers bear the cost of complimentary banquets, one-night accommodations, wedding costumes, and photography, while certificates, commemorative gifts, and DVD recordings will also be available.

Couples with valid marriage certificates can sign up for the group wedding ceremony onsite at the Doumen District Cultural Center on Central Jiangwan Road in Jing'an Town, or scan the following QR code to submit the required information before Sept 10.


Consultation: 0756-2782862 (contact person: Li Min, Huang Yiying)

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