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New Hengqin gateway opens, deepening Macao bond


Updated: 2020-08-19

The new Hengqin Checkpoint began facilitating transport, flow of people, and trade between Zhuhai and Macao on Aug 18.

The new checkpoint at 2050 East Huandao Road on the west bank of Shizimen Waterway and in front of the Lotus Bridge ramps, comprises Customs Clearance Area and Commercial areas, and a Comprehensive Transport Hub.

Macao's Lotus Checkpoint has already moved into the new facility. Passenger inspection channels and exit driving lanes at the former Hengqin Checkpoint have been relocated, while entry driving lanes are retained for the time being. Border-crossing trucks are being diverted to Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Zhuhai Port and the Zhuhai-Macao Cross-Border Industrial Zone in Gongbei until further notice.

The first floor has 53 self-service, six staffed, and four jointly staffed inspection channels for travelers exiting for Macao. The second floor is for entry to Zhuhai with 43 self-service, seven staffed, and four jointly staffed channels. Self-service and jointly staffed channels are suitable for Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan residents, while staffed channels are open to travelers of any nationality and age.


New Hengqin Checkpoint

A "Joint Inspection & One-time Release" mode has travelers queue up and have documents examined only once. Average customs clearance time at self-service channels, for instance, is down to 30 seconds.

When the clearance channels for vehicles are opened in the second phase of construction next year, the checkpoint is expected to process more than 220,000 passengers and over 7,000 vehicles daily.

Travelers can realize a one-stop transit to buses, private vehicles, taxis, tour buses, coaches, and intercity MRTs at the transport hubs in Hengqin and Macao. A channel bridge will be built to the Hengqin Campus of the University of Macau by 2022.

In recent years, Hengqin has moved toward institutional cohesion, industrial synergy, and livelihood integration with Macao through innovative practices such as cross-border office areas and work practices.

The quota for exit-entry of Macao vehicles was increased from 2,500 to 5,000 in July, with the validity extended from three months to one year. Construction of Macao New Neighborhood in Hengqin will commence in September to give Macao people livelihood facilities and public services they are accustomed to.


Opening ceremony [Photo by Xu Baixi, Ye Qiuming & Li Jianshu / Guanhai App]



Ten Macao concerns leasing offices in Hengqin Tower

Hengqin New Area, home of the first cross-border pilot office building in China, welcomed Splendour (Macao) Culture & Technology and Guides Next Tech Group as leases were signed by two of its first 10 committed Macao tenants on March 26.


Macao neighborhood awarded legal rights in Hengqin

Macao New Neighborhood in Hengqin New Area received rights to use 190,000 sq m (47 acres) of State-owned construction land in Hengqin New Area.


Macao building firm 1st permitted to work in Hengqin

Authorized with the first Macao/Hong Kong construction enterprise business license, China Construction Engineering (Macau) was allowed to operate in Hengqin New Area as of April 16.

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