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Incredible Zhuhai -- Education


Updated: 2020-08-25

"Zhuhai is very close to Hong Kong and Macao. It's very outward-oriented. I really like the fact that we have more and more young people coming here to get an education", said Milen Jissov. Nine years ago, he came to Zhuhai for teaching at a local university. Since then, the city has become his home.

Now, many foreigners like Milen have settled down in Zhuhai. Thanks to over 40 years of reform and opening-up, Zhuhai now attracts talents not just for its living environment of high quality, but also for the rich education resources and opportunities. From Milen's perspective, "it's really a city that embraces young people, and it's the young people, the spirit of academic youth, that makes this city so great and so promising for the future." Click the video to know more about the city.


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