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Traditional orchestra travels Bay Area through time


Updated: 2020-09-11

Zhuhai Performing Art Group's large Chinese traditional orchestral concert – Music From the Greater Bay Area – premiered at Guangzhou Opera House on Sept 9.

The concert supplements many famous Cantonese music and songs, such as Rain Tapping on Banana Leaves and Dragon Boat Racing, with performances on the erxian (two-string flute), sanxian (three-string flute), yuqin (four-stringed plucked instrument with a full-moon-shaped sound box), violin, and xiao (a vertical bamboo flute).

The Lingnan-styled (Cantonese) songs bring to life Zhuhai's history, culture, and folk customs including the Fisher Maiden, rock carvings, and lion dances.


Greater Bay Area music performed [Photo by Zhu Xi / WeChat account: zhuhaifabu]

The presentation is a search for the roots of the past, enjoyment of the present, and a charming vision for the future of the Greater Bay Area. A wide use of multimedia designs including laser and holographic projection allow for an immersive audio-visual show of traditional folk music and modern stage art.

The two-hour event was staged by more than 200 performers from the Zhuhai Chinese Traditional Orchestra, Zhuhai Song & Dance Troupe, and Guangdong Youth Choir under the baton of noted conductor Li Fubin.

After a tour in other Guangdong cities it will perform in the 14th Guangdong Art Festival in November, according to Zou Jianhong, art director of Zhuhai Performing Art Group. The performance will be staged in Zhuhai this October.


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