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Flowers, flags, lanterns bedeck Zhuhai for Oct 1


Updated: 2020-09-29

Half-a-million potted flowers adorn 18 venues citywide, while 50,000 sqm (12 acres) of seasonal flowers decorate major roads, arterial road greenbelts, and squares in public appreciation for this year's National Day.

Eight municipal parks are adorned by 335,000 potted flowers, 754 national and 150 bunting flags, and 5,070 lanterns as of Sept 30, according to Ye Qiao of Zhuhai Yuehua Landscaping Construction Management.

Additionally, 13,389 sqm (3 acres) of floral paths and belts enhance festive attractions at Haibin, Yeli Island, and Bailiandong (White Lotus Cave) parks.


Haibin Park across from Xianglu Bay & Beach [Photo by Wu Changfu / Guanhai App]

The Haibin Park landscape sculpture in Jida bears three traditional Chinese red fans along with green dolphins and colorful balloons. The park greets Oct 1 with 230,000 seasonal flowers and prize-offering activities.

Yeli Island Park in Old Xiangzhou has 6,000 sqm (1.5 acres) of zinnia elegans (youth-and-age), gomphrena globosa (globe amaranth), and celosia cristata (cockscomb), echoing red flags and lanterns that have been erected on Haiyu Road streetlamps.

Bailiandong (White Lotus Cave) Park's main entrance on Jiuzhou Avenue, Jida is decorated with traditional Chinese grille, pentagrams, and red lanterns. The east and west entrances are graced with 23,000 red and yellow celosia plumosa, zinnia elegans, garden chrysanthemum, and daisy-like coreopsis.

Visitors can tour Banzhang Mt Forest Park between Ningxi and Gongbei, Sea & Sky (Haitian) Park in Old Xiangzhou, and Meihua Urban Garden in New Xiangzhou, all of which have been upgraded over the past two years.




Lawns, blossoms, lighting invigorate Meihua Garden

Meihua Urban Garden has been spruced up with vast stretches of lawns, year-round blooms, and distinctive lighting facilities.


Former eyesore, Sea & Sky Park now visual must-visit

Sea & Sky (Haitian) Park in urban Xiangzhou District opened to the public today with the addition of botanical greenhouse, waterfalls, and sightseeing bridges.

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