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Sea & Sky (Haitian) Park


Updated: 2020-10-09

Covering 124,000 sqm (31 acres) between East Meihua Road and Central Lovers Avenue and north of the Zhuhai Museum & Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, the first phase of the new Sea & Sky (Haitian) Park opened to the public on May 1, 2020, while its second phase commenced on Sept 28 in the same year.

Two 30-m (98-ft) waterfalls descend from three abandoned stone quarry pits on Jigong Hill, which rises behind the Zhuhai Museum & Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.

Nearby, three sightseeing bridges over a flood drainage channel connect the quarry site with the larger north section of the park. Also added have been steel dam gates for water storage and tidal resistance.



Near the south entrance, a 900-sqm (3,230-sqft) botanical garden displays rare cactuses among another 100 plants. Colorful rocks in the glass greenhouse simulate a natural desert habitat, and a circular walkway leads to a wooden rooftop stand overlooking the park.

The park is planted with more than 4,200 trees and several 300-year-old banyan trees are protected. A vast stretch of lawn is also provided for leisure activities such as picnics, kite flying, and camping.

A 6-m-wide (6.6-yd-wide) walkway encircles the park, leading visitors among trees and year-round blossoms, including kapok (delonix regia) in spring and pink bauhinia in summer. Newly added lighting facilities allow night visits, and lamps in the shape of softly-lit birds' nests add a romantic atmosphere.

Two 200-sqm (729-sqft) rest stations house toilet facilities and convenience stores. The external facades are painted to present indigenous plants and birds.

A children's amusement park and a parking lot for up to 400 vehicles are also on site.


Woodland path [Photos by Zeng Yao & Li Jianshu / Zhuhai Media Group]


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