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Expansion continues at Xiangshan Lake Park entrance


Updated: 2020-10-10

A new square that will feature a gate tower, book bar, and convenience store opened Oct 1 at the main entrance of Xiangshan Lake Park Phase III.

Construction of two boardwalks and an underground parking lot is well underway near the 2,400-sqm (.6-acre) square in New Xiangzhou. A mountaintop boardwalk will connect to proposed 43-km (27-mile) Fenghuang Mt hiking trails. It will give visitors a panoramic view of Xiangshan Lake Park and Dajingshan Reservoir while linking them with Xiangshan Rest Station, and Shixi and Dajingshan Community parks.


Xiangshan Lake Park Phase III [Photo by Zeng Yao / Zhujiang Evening Post]

The underground parking lot capable of accommodating hundreds of vehicles is being built at the foot of the mountain. During holidays, visitors may also use the 400 parking spaces at Fenghuang Middle School at the intersection of Shixi and Mingyue roads.

Phase III of the rapidly developing park will cost 75 million yuan ($11 million) and cover 139,000 sqm (34 acres). It borders Shixi Road across from Huafa Four Seasons residential community in the south, the second phase in the north, and first phase in the west. It is envisioned as an internationalized low-carbon leisure park integrating landscape, artistic value, and other functions.

The 8.6-km (5.3-mile) Xiangshan Lake-Sea & Sky (Haitian) parks section of Fenghuang Mt hiking trails is located in southeastern Fenghuang Mt Forest Park, with Meihua Road to the south and Dajingshan Reservoir to the north.


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