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Zhuhai Museum & Planning Exhibition Hall


Updated: 2020-10-28

The newly constructed Zhuhai Museum & Planning Exhibition Hall opened to the public Oct 26, 2020 at the Lovers Avenue-Haihong Road intersection in Old Xiangzhou.

The complex adjoins Sea & Sky (Haitian) Park in the north and faces Zhuhai Opera House on Yeli Island. It replaces Jiuzhou Town on Jingshan Road, the former museum that opened in 1984 as Zhuhai's first famous tourist attraction.

The new museum houses 15,560 cultural relics in more than 20 categories in a 6,000-sqm (1.5-acre) exhibition area among 33,565 sqm (8 acres) of floorage. Centerpieces include artifacts from the late Neolithic Period, the English memoir My Life in China and America by Yung Wing (Rong Hong), original Chinese-English Instructor by Tong King-sing (Tang Tingshu), and calligraphy works of Pao Chün (Bao Jun).

The Zhuhai History Exhibition Hall chronicles the historic development and change of the city (General History of Zhuhai), while the second reveals the close interdependence between Zhuhai and the ocean through 10 historic stories (Chronicle of Ocean).

In the Shared Memory Exhibition Hall are models, pictures, and videos that depict the development of Hengqin New Area, China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China), bridge projects, and ecological environment. 


Zhuhai Museum & Planning Exhibition Hall facing Lovers Avenue [Photo by Chen Jiazhe / WeChat account: zhtqb12345] 

Meanwhile, the Ancient & Modern People in Zhuhai section of the Traditional Culture & Folk Culture Exhibition Hall tells of migration to the south, salt producers, gentry families, new people of Zhuhai, and natives who have drifted away.

On-Water Wedding, Catching Mudfish, Sanzao Crane Dance, One-Thumb Massage, and other intangible cultural heritages in Zhuhai are showcased at the Folk Culture & Heritance section.

In addition to the three permanent exhibition halls of 4,000 sq m (1 acre), the museum also has large, medium, and small halls totaling 2,000 sq m (1/2 acre) in which to host domestic and foreign exhibitions for cultural exchanges.

Of note is art scene restoration, in which replication, glass fiber reinforced plastic molding, archaizing color, and other techniques are used to recreate major historical scenes such as oyster-shell walls and historic Gongleyuan Park (Tangjiawan).

The Zhuhai Planning Exhibition Hall is connected to the museum by a central lobby. The hall displays the city's historical evolution, ecology, blueprints, key construction, affiliated districts, and urban temperament on floorage of 22,000 sqm (5 acres). With total floor area of 55,000 sqm (14 acres), the two facilities cover 50,300 sqm (12 acres).

The Urban Model Pavilion on the sixth and seventh floors is the highlight of the Exhibition Hall. The entire cityscape is presented via an ultra large model, and huge LED screens broadcasting video of Zhuhai's development as a city suitable for residence, work, and travel, all supplemented by lighting and acoustic effects.

The use of double-corridor and floor-to-ceiling windows produces a mix of indoor exhibitions and outdoor landscapes of the sea and greenbelts along Lovers Avenue.

Both the Zhuhai Museum and Planning Exhibition Hall are open to the public for free 9 am to 5 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays (national statutory holidays subject to notice).

Zhuhai Museum


Hotline: 86-756-3324116/3324708

Zhuhai Planning Exhibition Hall

Individual reservation can be made at the official WeChat account ghzlg_zh with a daily quota of 2,000 tickets

Group reservation (5-20 people) should be made at least one day in advance via the hotline: 86-756-6225033/6225066

88 Haihong Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai


4, 5, 12, 14, 15, 16, 204, B2, or B3 to Haihong Bus Depot (海虹总站)

5, 13, 16, or 23 to Qinglv Zhonglu (Central Lovers Avenue, 情侣中路)

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