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Updated: 2020-10-29

Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport

Customer service:86-756-7778888

VIP consultation:86-756-7778226

Ticket service hotline: 86-756-7773333

Flight departure/arrival enquiry: 86-756-7771111

Security check: 86-756-7772073

Medical emergency:86-756-7772120

Luggage packaging/storage: 86-756-7771947

Website: (Chinese language)

The airport provides nearly 2,000 weekly flights to 81 domestic destinations, among which more than half are served by at least two flights daily.

Visit the official website or follow WeChat account zhuhaiairport for flight schedules and real-time status, ticket purchases, and more information.


Departure lounge of Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport [Photo by Zhong Fan / Zhuhai Daily]

Shuttle bus to Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport


Xiangzhou Long-Distance Bus Passenger Terminal, 142 Zijing Road, 86-756-2181608/606

Swan Hotel, 98 Yinhua Road, 86-756-2653369/2653333

Tibet Hotel Zhuhai, 166 West Meihua Road, 86-756-8111333

Intercity MRT Mingzhu Station, Shangchong, 86-756-3352000

Jiuzhou Port Bus Terminal, 86-756-3333359

Atour Hotel, 99 Jida Road, 86-756-8181999

Jinjiang Inn, Fifth Jianye Road, 86-756-8111333

Huafa Mall (Shop 106, Hall A), 86-756-8698208

Atour Hotel, Aoyuan Plaza Phase II, 168 Lvyou Road, 86-756-8183999-0


Zhongzhu Mansion, 1081 South Yingbin Road, 86-756-8111737

Intercity MRT Zhuhai Station (across from Exit A, near the bus terminal), 86-756-8118100/8118200


Tangyi Hotel, 1 Jintang Road, 86-13427762109

Hengqin New Area:

Chimelong Penguin Hotel, 86-756-2993366

Hengqin Bay Hotel, 86-756-2998888

Doumen District:

Doumen Passenger Depot, 389 Lianqiao Road, Baijiao Town, 86-756-5501313

Bohuang Hotel, 21 South Baijiao Road, Baijiao Town, 86-13798958188

Riviera Community Terminal Building, 23 Jinxiu Rongcheng Commercial Street, Jing’an Town, 86-13427777918

Zhuhai Terminal Building of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 

Gongbei: Tongda Coach Station (west of Gongbei Checkpoint Square), 36-3 Weiji Road


Xiangzhou: Xiangzhou Long-Distance Bus Passenger Terminal (Xiangzhou Bus Terminal Building), 142 Zijing Road


Tangjiawan Town: Tangjia Xinhe Passenger Depot, 1088 Gangwan Ave


Services provided include ticket purchases, boarding pass printing, and shuttle buses.

Zhuhai Terminal Building of Shenzhen International Airport 

Gongbei: Tongda Coach Station


Xiangzhou: Xiangzhou Long-Distance Bus Passenger Terminal


Jiuzhou Port Passenger Lounge, S Lovers Avenue (Qinglv Nan Lu) and Jiuzhougang Road


Zhuhai Terminal Building of Hong Kong (Chek Lap Kok) International Airport

Jida: Jiuzhou Port Passenger Lounge


Gongbei: Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Zhuhai Port




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