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Hongqi Ancient Sugar Making Techniques (Jinwan District-level intangible cultural heritage)


Updated: 2020-11-10


Hongqi-made nougat brittle candy [Photo by Zhang Zhou / Guanhai App]

Fronting Sanban Mt in the east and Huangyang River in the west, the weather in Hongqi Town is hot and rainy with long sunshine hours in summer and autumn and little rain and large temperature difference between day and night in winter, which makes it suitable for sugarcane cultivation.

Hongqi's traditional sugar-making techniques follow Southern Song (1127-1279) and Ming (1368-1644) recipes. The six processes are peeling, juice extraction, filtration, continuous boiling, cooling and cutting, and packing.

The time-honored techniques are of value in studying Guangdong's sugar-making history, as well as local folk customs, agriculture, handicrafts, and ancient trade.

Hongqi Ancient Sugar Making Techniques were designated a district-level intangible cultural heritage in November 2020.


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