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Boarded mountain trail opens at Xiangshan Lake Park


Updated: 2020-11-23

A section of Fenghuang Mt hiking trails with commanding views of Xiangshan Lake Park opened to visitors Nov 20.

Spanning 509 m (1,670 ft), the Xiangshan Lake Park section demonstrates a gray-colored light steel structure with wooden floors painted light red. The entrance is near the Atrium Garden of Xiangshan Lake Park Phase III off Shixi Road across from the Huafa Four Seasons residential community.

The central lake of Phase I, a 30-m (98-ft) fountain, and hexagonal double-eave pavilion in Phase II can also be viewed from aerial boardwalks that are 7 to 8 m (23 to 26 ft) high.


Xiangshan Lake Park trail section [Photo by Shen Yang & Chen Yufeng / WeChat account: zhtqb12345]

The entire hiking trail presents a gentle gradient and no stairs while vertical elevators will soon be available for seniors and the physically challenged. Lighting facilities are installed beneath handrails to avoid obstructing views.

Of note, the "smart" hiking trail will integrate "black technologies" such as artificial intelligence, big data, and 3D visualization. For instance, with a tap on the boardwalk system, visitors will know where the best places are to take photos and how far they are from their destination.

In addition, the hi-tech system will also conduct real-time monitoring of the forest temperature for fire prevention, according to project head Dai Jinglong of Xiangzhou Zhengfang Holdings. Construction has minimized damage to the mountain and nearby ecological environment.

Work on the Jigong Mt section at Sea & Sky (Haitian) Park in Old Xiangzhou is to be completed by Spring Festival 2021.

The Fenghuang Mt hiking trail network from Xiangshan Lake to Haitian parks, 8.6 km (5.3 miles) long and 3.6 m (12 ft) wide, will open by Spring Festival 2022. A 4.3-km (2.7-mile) waterside section runs from Xiangshan Lake Phase III to Dajingshan Community Park off East Meihua Road, while a cityscape section of 4.3 km goes from there to Haitian Park. Visitors will also encounter the Xiangshan Rest Station, Shixi Park, and Dajingshan Reservoir during the 85-minute walk. 



Scenic hiking trail will wind throughout Fenghuang Mt

A necklace of waterside, mountain, urban, and coastal sceneries will be encountered along a 43-km (27-mile) H-shaped barrier-free trail proposed for Fenghuang Mt.

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