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Exotic silk floss trees swirl Hengqin corridor with color


Updated: 2020-11-25

More than 4,500 pink, fuchsia-colored, and white floss silk trees (ceiba speciosa) are brightening Rest Stations 1 and 2 along the Hengqin Flower Corridor and are likely to remain in bloom until January.

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Hengqin Flower Corridor

The corridor along the Maliuzhou Waterway is 13.6 km (8.5 miles) long and 60 m (66 yd) wide from the Hengqin Bridge to Gangao Avenue.

It consists of a 4.6-km (2.9-mile) section of flame trees that bloom from June to August, 6-km (3.7-mile) area of floss silk trees with florescence from October to January, and 3-km (1.9-mile) portion of kapok (delonix regia) trees that blossom in February and March.

The scenery includes greenways, recreational facilities, four various-styled rest stations, and five free-of-charge parking lots capable of accommodating more than 1,200 vehicles.


Floss silk flowers and seed pods filled with fluffy white silk


Drive to Number 1 Rest Station of Hengqin Flower Corridor using GPS Navigation (花海长廊一号驿站).

Buses 14, 86, 87, 88, K10, or K11 to South of Hengqin Bridge (横琴大桥南站), and walk 1 km (1,094 yd) to North Qinhai Road.

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Family strolls along Hengqin greenway [Photos by Chen Jianzhe / Zhuhai Media Group]


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