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Parks progress earns Zhuhai livelihood award in Beijing


Updated: 2020-12-24

The Civic Park Construction Project of Zhuhai was selected from 1,000 entries nationwide as a 2020 Demonstrative Livelihood Project after field investigation, open solicitation, online voting, and expert review.

The award was announced Dec 22 at the 8th China Livelihood Development Forum held in Beijing by Misheng Weekly magazine and the School of Government of Beijing Normal University under guidance from People's Daily.

Zhuhai's project encompasses more than 700 free parks across the city. As for 2020, Xiangshan Lake and Jinhu parks, and City Balcony Phase I were completed, as was the upgrade of Sea & Sky (Haitian) Park. The city's coverage of parks at or above 5,000 sqm (1 acre) within a radius of 500 m (547 yd) will eventually reach 100 percent.


Awards ceremony [Photo by Chen Yannan / WeChat account: zhuhaifabu]

Among them, Xiangshan Lake Park in New Xiangzhou had been named an Outstanding Project of Zhuhai – the Pilot City for National Urban Design in 2019. The park covers 600,000 sqm (148 acres), with water area of 150,000 sqm (37 acres). The first phase opened last January with a lake-circling track, Tourist Service Center, Love Post Office, and Marriage Registration Office.

The second expansion opened in May with Lingnan (Cantonese) pavilions, corridors, waterfalls, and hiking trails. The newly opened third phase features a Lingnan complex of the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911), entrance square, parking lot, and mountain trails.

Elsewhere in Xiangzhou District, the 144,000-sqm (36-acre) Haitian Park on the west side of Lovers Avenue was transformed between March and September. It now has the largest sea-view lawn in the city, a botanical garden, ancient trees, rest stations, and 30-m (98-ft) waterfalls descending from Jigong Hill.

Haitian and Xiangshan Lake parks have attracted scores of locals and tourists for parent-child, teambuilding, and fitness activities. In all, 540,000 visits were tallied during the Oct 1-8 National Day holiday alone, according to Pan Weiming, director of the Urban Management & Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau.

Nearby, a section of Fenghuang Mt hiking trails with commanding views of Xiangshan Lake Park opened to visitors last month. The entire network spans 8.6 km (5.3 miles) from Xiangshan Lake to Haitian parks and will be ready by 2022.

To the south, notes the project report, Hengqin Wetland Park and Doumen Huangyang River Wetland Park Phase II are rapidly taking shape. 



Boarded mountain trail opens at Xiangshan Lake Park

A section of Fenghuang Mt hiking trails with commanding views of Xiangshan Lake Park opened to visitors Nov 20.


Xianglu Bay sea-view landmark supplants bygone hotel

The interior of the sea-viewing platform of City Balcony is being worked on in anticipation of a June opening as improvements continue there and at Jingshan Park on North Haibin Road.


Xiangshan Cantonese courtyard, moon gate on display

The Lingnan (Cantonese) styled architecture of Xiangshan Lake Park Phase III is on display prior to the opening of its functional rooms.


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