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From pandemic to parks, Zhuhai made 2020 headlines


Updated: 2021-01-08

Success in fighting the pandemic while supporting the economy leads the top 10 news stories best representing Zhuhai's development in 2020. The Zhuhai Association of Journalists, aided by the Zhuhai Media Group, unveiled the online voting results Jan 6 after comprehensive appraisals.


Top news events announced [Photo by Zhong Fan / Guanhai App]

1. Successes in virus battle, socioeconomic revival

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zhuhai sent 56 medical workers to assist in Wuhan and Jingzhou cities of Hubei Province and enacted policies that helped enterprises navigate through difficulties and stabilize local economy.


Stalwart Zhuhai health workers go to Hubei

More Zhuhai medics and supplies en route to Hubei

Measures taken to put stricken industries back on feet

2. Zhuhai Special Economic Zone 40th anniversary

The year 2020 marked the 40th anniversary of the Zhuhai SEZ. The zone will uphold the pioneering spirit to become an ecology-oriented "smart" city with larger-scale, high-quality development, and international influence. 


Zhuhai SEZ healthy, vigorous at age 40

3. Hengqin epitomizes Zhuhai-Macao cooperation

Zhuhai-Macao cooperation has progressively strengthened due to the opening of new Hengqin Checkpoint, cross-border acceptance of Macao tour guides and construction professionals in Hengqin, and construction of the Guangdong-Macao Cross-Border Financial Cooperation (Zhuhai) Demonstration Zone.


Efficient Macao-Guangdong checkpoint opens

HK, Macao tour guides get active in Hengqin on Dec 1

Macao building firm 1st permitted to work in Hengqin

4. Construction of regional transport hub prioritized

A Six Horizontal & Ten Vertical transport network is taking form as construction of the Huangmao Sea Channel Bridge and Zhuhai Bridge Tunnel commenced in 2020. Additional Banzhang Mt tunnels, Airport Urban Rail Transit Phase I, the Honghe Bridge, and Jinqin Expressway opened to traffic.


Huangmao sea crossing comes under erection in June

Storm-proof tunnel to take traffic when bridge cannot

New tunnels open to end Gongbei-Ningxi traffic woe

Passenger trains running from Gongbei to Chimelong

Honghe Bridge eases traffic between east, west wings

5. Actions taken to eliminate poverty elsewhere

Zhuhai assisted with poverty alleviation in Yunnan's Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Guangdong's Yangjiang and Maoming cities, Litang and Daocheng counties in Sichuan's Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Chongqing's Wushan County, and Milin County and Farm of Tibet's Linzhi City to create common prosperity.


'Beautiful' Zhuhai housing lifts needy in ethnic Yunnan

6. Strategic emerging industrial clusters forming

The Opinions for Zhuhai to Vigorously Develop the IC Industry and Several Policies & Measures to Boost Development of the IC Industry in Zhuhai were released in October to foster a 100-billion-yuan ($15-billion) IC industrial cluster by 2025. In addition, the city is proactively backing five multi-million-billion industrial clusters concerning biomedicine, new materials, new energy, and high-end printing equipment.


Zhuhai fund to enthuse 100b-yuan IC industrial cluster

Zhuhai raises five pillars of strategic emerging industries

7. New Museum, Planning Exhibition Hall open

The new Zhuhai Museum & Planning Exhibition Hall opened to the public Oct 26 as cultural landmarks at the Lovers Avenue-Haihong Road intersection in Old Xiangzhou. With total floor area of 55,000 sqm (14 acres), the facilities are connected by a central lobby.


New museum, exhibit hall open as cultural landmarks

8. Zhuhai optimizes its business environment

The city government issued seven major actions and 12 measures April 17 as systematic guarantees for the city's "Second Entrepreneurship" vision to resolve outstanding problems in the business environment and establish an efficient service enterprise spirit among government staff.

9. Honorary titles reflect Zhuhai's attractiveness

Zhuhai was selected as one of the National Civilized Cities, China's Top 10 Happiest Cities, and National Demonstrative Cities for Law-Based Government Construction. It led the country in public service and sustainable development, and was fifth nationwide and 39th globally in economic vibrancy.


Lofty National Civilized City honor held onto this year

Mayor explains why Zhuhai among 10 happiest cities

Overall, Zhuhai public services lead comparable cities

Zhuhai 1st in 'promoting prosperity, protecting planet'

National report puts Zhuhai 5th in 'economic vibrancy'

Study: Zhuhai skyrockets in rank of economic vibrancy

10. Comprehensive urban park system takes shape

Xiangshan Lake and Jinhu parks, and City Balcony Phase I were completed in 2020 and the new Sea & Sky (Haitian) Park was upgraded. Progress was made on Hengqin Wetland Park and Doumen Huangyang River Wetland Park Phase II. Zhuhai is now home to more than 700 free parks across the city.


Xiangshan Cantonese courtyard, moon gate on display

Xianglu Bay sea-view landmark supplants bygone hotel

Waterfalls among further Sea & Sky Park enrichments

Parks progress earns Zhuhai livelihood award in Beijing


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