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Mega lithium battery maker CosMX expands in Doumen


Updated: 2021-02-01

One of the world's largest lithium-ion battery suppliers, Zhuhai CosMX Battery is expanding in Doumen District with construction commencing Jan 26 of a soft-pack polymer intelligent manufacturing plant costing 2 billion yuan ($309 million).


CosMX workshop [Photo by Zhao Zi / Zhuhai Daily]

First-tier production lines will be established for lithium-ion batteries for laptops, cellphones, "smart" wearable devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, vacuum cleaners, and electric tools, according to CEO Xie Bin.

The project will have 370,000 sqm (91 acres) of floorage. It covers 120,000 sqm (30 acres) at Xinqing Science & Technology Industrial Park north of the Xianghai Road west extension line. The first phase will be capable of producing 150 million soft-pack polymer lithium-ion batteries annually in floor area of 247,000 sqm (61 acres) by 2022.

It is planned as an environmentally friendly, energy-conserving, information-based, and automated manufacturing base at a cutting-edge level. Production capability of the enterprise will increase by 30 percent when the second phase is completed in three years.

The first key project under construction in Doumen during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25), the base will upgrade local industry with a mix of new-energy and materials and intelligent manufacturing, said Wang Zicheng, deputy head of Doumen.

Established in 2007, CosMX reportedly was 2nd worldwide in the sales of lithium-ion batteries for laptops and tablet computers and 4th in smart cellphones in 2019. CosMX has a sprawling campus on Zhufeng Road in Qianwu Town, Doumen and became a unicorn in the Zhuhai High-Growth Innovation (Unicorn) Enterprise Cultivation Repository this January. It also has production bases in Chongqing and India.

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