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Sea windfarm enlarging to feed islands, Zhuhai, Macao


Updated: 2021-05-25

The second phase of the Guishan Offshore Wind Farm will come into operation by the end of this year with an installed capacity of 78 megawatts, which in perspective is enough to power 780 automobile engines.

The windfarm is located in the Sanjiao Island area of the Wanshan Archipelago 20.5 km (13 miles) from downtown. The second phase there utilizes new-type single-pile wind turbines, which shorten construction by six to seven days compared with the four-pile version used in the first phase.

In addition, single-pile wind turbines have a helicopter lift platform for emergency repair and personnel first aid, facilitating development of wind power projects on the high seas.


Wind turbines [Photo by Li Jianshu / Zhuhai Daily]

Currently, the pile foundation for 13 wind turbines in Phase II is in place. The first is connected to the grid for power generation, while the others are yet to be installed.

As of late April, the 120-MW first phase has generated 5.89 terawatt hours since it commenced operations in 2018. Along with the Sanjiao Island booster station, it has withstood super typhoons Hato and Mangkhut as China's first offshore wind farm in typhoon areas.

Guishan Offshore Wind Farm connects the Sanjiao Island booster station with downtown Zhuhai via two 110-kV undersea cables. Constant clean energy is supplied to not only Zhuhai and Macao, but also to the Dong'ao, Guishan, and Big Wanshan islands.

Once the new phase comes into operation, the entire project will generate 4.93 TWh of electricity annually, saving 160,200 tons of standard coal equivalents and reducing 382,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. For comparison's sake, Scotland, home of inventor James Watt, has a population about 5 million and reportedly requires 25 TWh of electrical energy each year.

This is of great importance in conserving energy, reducing emissions, and optimizing the energy structure in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, says Wang Dalong, who is in charge of the Engineering Technology Department of Southern Offshore Wind Power Joint Development.



Guishan sets stage for 'island power' in Guangdong

Zhuhai’s Guishan Offshore Wind Farm was recently approved by the Development & Reform Commission of Guangdong as the province’s first such offshore pilot project.

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