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Zhuhai new freight yard will uplift international port hub


Updated: 2021-06-16

A multimodal freight yard recently came under construction on the Exclusive Shugang Rail Line that connects Gaolan Port directly with major terminals and enterprises that handle large shipments.

The yard is a container operation zone with support facilities to diversify development of exclusive rail lines in multimodal transport and help Zhuhai Port become an international hub port in South China. It covers 140,000 sqm (35 acres) on each side of the Exclusive Shugang Rail Line and is being built by China Railway 10th Bureau Group and financed by Gaolan Port Railway.


Groundbreaking ceremony [Photo provided to Zhuhai Daily]

Ten years ago, Zhuhai began construction of the Exclusive Shugang Rail Line so that cargo could be transported directly from enterprises to railway stations at reduced cost. Previously, cargo arriving at Gaolan Port by sea had to be trucked to Gaolan Port Railway Station before being shipped to elsewhere in the country via the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Railway.

Costing 700 million yuan ($109 million), the first phase came into operation in late December 2014 and has since become a major channel for coals and ore. The 19.47-km (12-mile) rail line goes from the northern bank of Gaolan Port and connects with Shenhua, Xinhe, and Qinfa terminals before merging into the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Railway at Gaolan Port Rail Station.

Founded in 2011, Gaolan Port Railway invests in railway, intercity MRT, and urban rail transit projects; operation of the local section of the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Railway; warehousing, and property leasing. It merged into Zhuhai Port Holdings Group in 2020, opening a channel for sea-rail combined transport.

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