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Bike-hike greenway circles through Tangjiawan villages


Updated: 2021-06-16

An historic-scenic greenway is receiving finishing touches through villages in the Nazhou and Huitong communities in Tangjiawan Town of the National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.

An extension of the 3-km (1.86-mile) Nazhou Greenway, the 10-km (6-mile) Huitong-Nazhou Slow-Traffic Loop Greenway runs along vast stretches of paddy fields, vegetable farms, the Naxi River, and affords views of distant mountains and villages.


Starting point of Huitong-Nazhou Slow-Traffic Loop Greenway [Photo by Shen Yang / WeChat account: zhuhaifabu]

Find the starting point by walking 2 km (1.24 miles) from Huitong Village along the Naxi River greenway in the direction of Nazhou. There is an ancient bridge erected with a signboard on which is written "Beautiful Nazhou."

The asphalt-paved greenway is separated by colored lines for bikes and pedestrians. There are waterfront platforms and rest stations with design elements of stone mills, woodprints, and farming-themed sculptures. A dedicated woodprint exhibition wall features replicas of Gu Yuan, a maestro native to Nazhou, as well as works related to ecology, sports, and rural rejuvenation.

The greenway forms part of the Huitong-Nazhou demonstration area for rural rejuvenation. The area extends the influence of Huitong as a rural rejuvenation model village to Nazhou and makes the rural environment more livable and attractive, according to Li Ling, an official of the Tangjiawan Rural Rejuvenation Office.

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