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Xiaohaochong Party History Education Base


Updated: 2021-07-01

The Xiaohaochong Party History Education Base is built to commemorate native martyr Kuang (Kwong) Rensheng (1911-42) and Zhuhai's first Communist Party of China branch.

Doumen's first CPC member, Kuang set up Zhuhai's first Party group in Xiaohaochong along with Kuang Shuming and Kuang Zhenda (Kuang is a common surname in Doumen Town). He firmly established the city's first Party branch in the village on Sept 20, 1937, which was 73 days after the Marco Polo Bridge Incident (starting the Second Sino-Japanese War) outside Beiping (now Beijing), and took up service as Party secretary. The same year, the Japanese army occupied Hebao (Hope) Island and Doumen became Zhuhai's frontier against Japanese invasion. Kuang was killed by the Japanese in 1942.

Located in Xiaohaochong (Small Haochong) Village of Doumen District, the Education Base houses the statue of Kuang and artifacts from the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1931-45).

Xiaohaochong Village has a history of 584 years and is situated on one side of the Hutiaomen Waterway in the Pearl River Estuary. It faces Xinhui of Jiangmen City to the north and lies against Yingshan Mt in the south. In 1919, Xiaohaochong Jianmin Primary School and 40 other Doumen schools had organized teachers and students to promote "new culture and ideology."


Xiaohaochong Party History Education Base [Photo courtesy WeChat account: meilidoumen]

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