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Hongqi Cultural & Sports Center


Updated: 2021-07-01


Hongqi Cultural & Sports Center [Photo by Zhang Zhou / Guanhai App]

A multifunctional cultural and sports center opened June 29 in Hongqi Town of Jinwan District containing an indoor theater, library, basketball field, cultural and art hall, and senior activity center. 

The Hongqi Cultural & Sports Center is situated on nearly 30,000 sqm (7 1/3 acres) north of First Honghui Road on the town's former Central Square. The widely cambered structure has almost 37,000 sqm (9 acres) of floorage and is shaped like a fluttering ribbon.

There is a rooftop garden for daytime relaxation and curtain walls with many lighting devices that can form a giant screen at night. The indoor theater has 550 seats, a stage 32 m (105 ft) wide, 16 m (52 ft) deep, and 20 m (66 ft) high, dressing and prop rooms, and a VIP hall.

Underground is a public parking lot and municipal public safety education hall for civil air defense that will host national defense exhibitions and display civil air defense items. The space could serve as an air-raid shelter.

The facility has been delivered to Jinwan Lian'gang Infrastructure Investment for operation and is seen as a landmark for cultural, leisure, and tourism activities.

39 Honghui Road, Jinwan District, Zhuhai

Buses 202, 801, or Z117 to Hongqi (红旗)

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