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Zhuhai firm in suppling Macao with food on daily basis


Updated: 2021-08-09

Despite increasing demands during the current epidemic, Zhuhai Agricultural Investment Holding reports that its subsidiary, Zhuhai Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Import-Export, has consistently supplied agricultural produce to Macao.

The company daily sends Macao frozen: 1.6 tons of goose, 2.6 tons of duck, and 2.5 tons of chicken. Daily supply of vegetables has increased by 5 tons to 60, and that of chilled fresh chicken has risen from 8 to 9.6 tons. In addition, 105 live hogs will be exported to Macao on Aug 11.


Trucks transport food supplies to Macao daily [File photo]

Customs and transportation authorities impose closed-loop management on trucks transporting farm produce. Drivers receive a nucleic acid test daily and are advised not to leave their trucks or be in contact with other personnel during transport.

Founded in 1961, State-owned Zhuhai Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Import-Export is a leading agricultural enterprise in Guangdong Province. It engages in the production, supply, and sales of livestock, poultry, and vegetables.

Not only has the enterprise supplied fresh agricultural products to Macao for 60 years, but it is developing registered bases for exports to Hong Kong with expanding scale of vegetable plantations and stock farming.

The chilled fresh chicken it supplies to Macao accounts for 70 percent of the local market, and vegetables account for 65 percent. Its live hog exports also constitute a considerate share in the Macao market.

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