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Xiangzhou gives talents basis to select Nanping Ecocity


Updated: 2021-09-16

Nanping Sci-Tech Ecocity was promoted to hundreds of entrepreneurs and innovators Sept 14 as an industrial park transforming into an urban area, engine for high-end industries, and window for ecological Zhuhai.

The Xiangzhou District People's Government had arranged the day's conference to entice the talents with favorable policies in terms of talent introduction, technological transformation, and loan subsidies to speed up the development of enterprises.


Baishatou Area of Nanping Sci-Tech Industrial Park will be an aggregated zone for manufacturing high-end intelligent equipment [Photo by Zhao Zi / Zhuhai Daily]

Zhong Wenyuan, director of the Xiangzhou Housing & Urban-Rural Development Bureau, gave an overview of the new ecocity in terms of industrial innovation, ecological treatment, transport, and public service facilities. An industrial system centered on high-end manufacturing, information technology application innovation, and modern service is taking shape in Nanping Sci-Tech Industrial Park, which excels in innovation capabilities and development efficiency.

Located in southern Xiangzhou and bordered by the Qianshan River in the east, Zhuhai Bridge in the west, Hengqin Island to the south, and Zhongshan in the north, the 45-sq-km (17-sq-mile) ecocity is being built in three years at a cost of 8 billion yuan ($1.24 billion). The location is a significant node along the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Economic and Eastern Coastal City belts.

The Second Pingdong and Fifth Pingxi roads serve as two axes that connect production, R&D, office, and living areas. Twenty kindergartens, and nine primary, three middle, a nine-year compulsory education, and special education schools will enroll children of the talents and residents.

Construction is expected of 17 neighborhood centers, two industrial park service centers, and a group of cultural, sports, entertainment, and public service facilities. Green channels, waterside parks, and Jiangjun and Youji Mt forest parks will beautify the local ecological environment.

In the area, the south campus of Zhuhai Women's & Children's Hospital off Nanqin Road in Guangsheng Village has come into operation at a cost of 1.27 billion yuan ($198 million). Nearby the new campus of the Zhuhai Center for Chronic Disease Control opened at a cost of 1.01 billion yuan ($157 million). The expansion of another hospital is also planned.



Nanping Sci-Tech Ecocity taking shape in barely 3 years

Nanping Sci-Tech Industrial Park in Xiangzhou District will be converted into a high-quality living circle with production, living, and ecology being integrated in three years.

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