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More Macao drivers cross easily into new Hengqin zone


Updated: 2021-09-17

Daily throughput of Macao single-plate vehicles at Hengqin Checkpoint hit a record high 2,400 Sept 10 as Macao residents can now live and work on Hengqin Island with more convenience.

Hengqin Frontier Inspection Station reports that daily traffic volume of single-plate vehicles exceeded 2,200 for five consecutive days whereas last year it was on average 1,500 daily. The heavier flow commenced when the Overall Development Plan for Construction of the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin was released Sept 5.


Single-plate vehicles at Hengqin Checkpoint [Photo by Cheng Lin & He Tianyang to Guanhai App]

The plan defines one of the strategic positions of the cooperation zone as a new space in which Macao residents reside and are employed with further relaxed exit-entry procedures along with public social services to which they are accustomed. Easier border crossings are contributing to in-depth Guangdong-Macao integration.

Xinhua news reported Wednesday that all vehicles registered in the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) will gradually and more conveniently be allowed into Hengqin, according to Wong Sio Chak, secretary for security under the Macao SAR government. Customs clearance would be simplified to facilitate the cross-border flow of vehicles, drivers, and goods between Macao and Hengqin.

The quota for Macao motor vehicles allowed to drive in and out of Hengqin was increased to 10,000 this year. The permits are granted to Macao residents who have registered and established at least one independent entity or business in Hengqin, or residents who work or own real estate in the area.

When the new Hengqin Checkpoint opened in August last year, it was reported to be able to process more than 7,000 vehicles daily. Currently four lanes are operating but eventually there will be 30 open 24/7: nine on each side for passenger vehicles and six for goods.

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